Knowle West Wishes Magazine Insert

Lisa Cole Graphic Design

Knowle West Wishes insert side 1

I loved working as a lead artist for the Knowle West Wishes project. The local magazine funded an A4 double sided insert and I used that opportunity to reach more people. I designed the overall project to focus on hopes and dreams for the future and to be accessible to … Read More

Plan-EL Logo Design

Lisa Cole Graphic Design


The EL in Plan-EL stands for Easton and Lawrence Hill, 2 areas in Bristol. They are a neighbourhood planning group that raise local planning issues with Bristol City Council. It was important to Plan-EL that their logo was neutral, so as to represent everyone who lives in the area without … Read More

Less Stuff

Lisa Cole Graphic Design, website design is a decluttering site with a difference: it’s not about minimalism or denying yourself nice things. It’s about achieving a balance between minimalism and hoarding, loving everything you own and being able to find things when you need it. The site is fully responsive so it works beautifully on … Read More


Lisa Cole Graphic Design, website design

Stevie Thompson, the director of Flibbertigibbet Theatre needed a website  that captured the essence and fun of the word Flibbertigibbet. Flibbertigibbet is often associated with flighty, gossipy, (usually) women but it also has darker connotations; being a name for an imp or demon. Stevie was in Bristol for a couple … Read More