Let’s talk

I offer a free half hour consultancy and I’m generous with my knowledge in that time. Please get in touch if you would like to talk. There is a contact form at the end of this page.

Website and Graphic Design

I specialise in designing graphics and websites for creatives or small businesses.


Because I have 20 years of experience working on websites and graphics I am very fast. That means that charging by the hour punishes me for my skill level. Instead I charge by job size. The added benefit is that the client knows what to expect when the invoice arrives.

  • small jobs – £30 (website changes, tweaks, anything that can be done in half an hour)
  • medium £120 (changes to layout, design of templates, tricky jobs under 2 hours)
  • large £300 (larger changes to websites, drafts for logos, book layouts)
  • extra large £600 (massive revamps on existing sites)

If you prefer me to work by the hour these are my rates:

  • £60 an hour for any work done
  • Minimum charge of £30

Free checks and consultations

If you are a potential client and want to talk about your website/graphics needs or if you are an existing client who wants to change direction with your website/brand I offer a free half hour consultation by Zoom.

  • Free half hour consultation for new work
  • Free website health checks and recommendations for existing clients.

Teaching and Workshop Leading

I teach people how to get over creative blocks and how to use creativity in a traditionally non creative setting.

For teaching groups my day rate is £250, half day rate £150. For teaching in educational settings my rate is of a guest lecturer – usually £50 an hour.

Invoicing Terms

I use an invoicing system called Paymo that lets me track time for each project in minutes. Each time entry is rounded up to the nearest ten minutes which allows for time spent emailing back and forth which I don’t track.

Invoices are sent out by my credit controller at the start of each month for the previous month.

Invoice terms are 28 days but please just talk to me if you need to pay in installments.

Typical costs of a website

For a responsive website that works well on all screen sizes with integrated social media and a mailing list allow anything upwards of £750. The more organised you are, the more cost effective I can be.

You will need to purchase:

  • A domain name – allow £12 a year but you will find special offers for your first year
  • Hosting – from £5 to £15 a month depending on the platform

You will need to provide:

  • Written content
  • Images

I can source stock images for you if you need me to. The clearer your idea is in your head, the quicker it is for me to turn it into website reality and it costs you less because I don’t have to faff around so much and we don’t have to do so much going backwards and forwards with ideas.

If you want to be more hands on

If you want to design your own website, or get stuck along the way I can provide either tailored tuition that gets right to what you need to know, and/or I can do bits of your site for you.


  • Spam is boring. If you are a genuine human being with a question I’d love to hear from you.