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It’s just amazing to have somebody around

Lisa Cole

“What she did was keep me sane and that’s not her official task, she is a web designer. So she designed my Mailchimp, I didn’t know how to do that technically, she designed my blog pages.  I’m not a nitwit when it comes to technical things but at some point I drown in them, I get bored with them so we’ve been really working together.
I said what I wanted , she then did it and everything I came up with she gave critical comment in a very good way.  At some points I just didn’t know what was the next step, ‘what do I need to organise?’
I was losing track because I was doing so many other things at the same time with my other work as well and she was always very clear headed like ‘right, I think, this and that and that needs to be done’, I would be ‘yes’  or when I started to panic, after a 3 sentences I thought, OK, everything’s fine.
I felt that’s just amazing to have somebody around.”