Riverside Midwives website
I was looking for a web designer to revamp our website but didn’t know where to start.  There were so many packages but none of them seemed to fit the bill of what was needed.  Then by chance I saw Lisa recommended to a colleague.  I took a look at her profile, and it spoke to me straight away.  She was clear about her fees only charging for what you want, no matter how small or large.  As I wasn’t sure exactly what would be needed for our site I knew this would be the best approach.
Lisa has been nothing short of fantastic;  her experience and expertise has proved invaluable. She responds promptly to my questions and requests, is incredibly patient, professional and works fast. Lisa only charges for the work she does and is very good value for money.
We are thrilled with how our website looks, have had brilliant feedback, and our enquiries have increased. Lisa now provides us with ongoing maintenance of our site, a service that gives us the peace of mind that it will always be up to date, looking great and working seamlessly.
Emily Clark
Julian Wood testimonial

Lisa is really easy to work with and it’s been a pleasure too. She has a passion for community art as well as the artistic and organisational skills to get a project done. She contacted me promptly, gave me advice and support and remained positive about the project itself and my contribution.

Julian Wood
FrontRunners Innovation

Lisa of Thinking Green has helped me immensely over the last several years as I’ve grown my own business.

As with any entrepreneur, you go through reincarnations and flexible periods where you need to readjust content and presentation. Lisa’s ability helped me with logos, website design, and more.

She has been ethical and professional from every standpoint, and most important, responsive. I rely on her advice and feel like I have a true partner in how I share my work with the world.

Mary Kurek
Baggator website was designed with the community

I’ve worked with Lisa since 2017 on Community Engagement, Website, and Social Media projects.

I’ve always found her a joy to work with, even when she points out that I could do better. Indeed she has become my go-to person when I know what needs to be achieved but have no idea how to do it.

In 4 years, I’ve never known her to give me the wrong direction or fail to enhance things beyond my initial intentions.

Simplicity, Value for Money, and Kaizen [continuous improvement] make working with Lisa a recommended way to go

Stuart Phelps
Company of Nature Website

Thanks again for the wonderful website. I’ve had lots of comments about how good it looks – and thank you for making the process so straightforward.

It’s been so exciting to finally get my new business online, and I’m pleased I found Lisa to help make this happen. She took time to understand what I wanted from the website and made the whole process very straightforward for me. She was happy to share with me her expertise, and along the way showed me how to use Wordpress so that I can make edits and changes. I now have a beautiful website that works well for me, plus the confidence to develop and update the content as I need to.

Nicola Scholfield
Company of Nature

Nicola Scholfield
Procrastination Coach Website
“What she did was keep me sane and that’s not her official task, she is a web designer. So she designed my Mailchimp, I didn’t know how to do that technically, she designed my blog pages.  I’m not a nitwit when it comes to technical things but at some point I drown in them, I get bored with them so we’ve been really working together.
I said what I wanted , she then did it and everything I came up with she gave critical comment in a very good way.  At some points I just didn’t know what was the next step, ‘what do I need to organise?’
I was losing track because I was doing so many other things at the same time with my other work as well and she was always very clear headed like ‘right, I think, this and that and that needs to be done’, I would be ‘yes’  or when I started to panic, after a 3 sentences I thought, OK, everything’s fine.
I felt that’s just amazing to have somebody around.”
Angela van Son
Jackie Singer, The Hummingbird Lodge
Thanks to Lisa’s help, I have moved from being a complete novice to someone who can just about manage my website.  It’s very empowering.  And knowing that Lisa is there if I need her – and I only need to pay her when I do need her – is a great relief.  I feel I have someone in my corner.
Jackie Singer
Janet Taylor Miss Tinker Taylor Website


Thank you, it looks fantastic! I’m really happy!”

Thank you so much for building my website. It’s been such a massive technical block for me. Now things are starting to happen!
‘Build it they will come!’
Janet Taylor